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Next CANA Meeting, Wed., Feb. 4, 2009, 6:30-8:30 PM


The Council of  Albany Neighborhood Associations , commonly known as "CANA," is a nonpartisan federation of neighborhood associations and related organizations that was founded in 1976.    Subscribe to the CANA mailing list, by clicking here.


The Council of  CANA is in the proces of moving its web site here and is posting all new content to its new site. This site will no longer exist, effective April 1, 2009.    

bulletThe upcoming meetings are as follows:

February 4, Mayor Jennings, State-of-the-City.


March 4, Shawn Morris, Common Council President.

bulletCANA meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month, except in July and August, from 6:30 to 8:30 PM at the main branch of the Albany Public Library,  unless otherwise noted.
bulletThe Sustainable Design Assessment Team Report done by the American Institute of Architects cites CANA as a community asset, " Albany is fortunate in that it has a large number of already-engaged citizens, as well as organizations that have a deep concern for and commitment to the city’s future. Most of the city’s neighborhoods have viable civic associations, and the network of those associations—the Council of Albany Neighborhood Associations (CANA)—is a great community asset. CANA, along with specific issue organizations such as the Albany Bicycling Coalition, the Historic Albany Foundation, and the Affordable Housing Partnership, should be embraced as partners in the planning process."  For a full copy of the report, go here
bulletRead the "CANA A-Z Guide to Living in Albany, NY" brochure that the NRC/CANA Code Enforcement Task Force put together with financial assistance from the Albany Housing Authority.
bulletRead the Albany Times account about how nice it is to live on Grove Avenue in Albany.
bulletRead Albany Times Union Account of Center Square 2008 Hidden City House & Garden Tour
bulletBig News - CANA wins "Sense of  Place Award," for details go here. See Capital New 9 report on the award.

   CANA Dues were due by January 31, 2008: $25 for neighborhood associations (NA); $10 for individuals. Applications are available here: NA, Individual.

    2nd Avenue,  Albany Bicycle Coalition, Center Square,  Coalition to Save Albany, Delaware,  Helderberg, Hudson Park, . Lincoln Park , Manning Blvd NA, Mansion, Melrose , NASW NY, Mt. Hope, New Albany NA, New Scotland Whitehall, Off Campus Affairs, Park South, Pine Hills, Shaker Park/Shaker Road/Bishops Gate, UWNA, Washington Park, Washington Square, West End. 


Web Site membership list was updated for 2008 and is shown here.


Neighborhoods Work Conference 8, Saturday, December 1. Read Times Union Account.  

bulletNew Neighborhood Assoc Map is here, Courtesy City of Albany,  Dept of Development & Planning
bullet  See report of Council of Albany Neighborhood Associations/Neighborhood Resource Council Code Enforcement Task Force.  
bullet To receive a copy of the entire report in hard-copy, including all appendices which are not on the CANA web site, write Eileen Murray.
bulletRecent CANA resolutions
bulletCANA endorses the Code Enforcement Task Force’s report as well as its recommendations for implementation.
bulletResolution calling for Common Council to take lead in developing Comprehensive Plan.
bulletResolution calling for CANA to adopt these Guiding Principles for Conducting a Successful Comprehensive Plan.
bulletResolution calling for the City of Albany to develop a
Comprehensive Plan. 
bulletResolution opposing the spot zoning on Holland Avenue to Highway Commercial 
bulletCANA's completely revised By-laws have been posted.
bullet Read CANA's Vision Statement Adopted at January 5, 2005 meeting
bullet See the  Albany Times Union collection of articles about Albany's neighborhoods.


bulletProtect your Car from theft by participating in the Decal and VIN Etching Program.  For more information, click here.
bulletA listing of the meeting dates, times, and places for Albany's neighborhood associations has been added.
bullet Read letter praising CANA Web Site.
bullet Read the top US  political columnists
bulletClassics from the CANA archives have now been added to the site:
bulletBrief History of CANA
bulletStarting a Neighborhood Association
bulletIncreasing Neighborhood Association Participation



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