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Build Your Own Utopia

Somewhere between a community's basic necessities (good schools, low crime, reasonable real estate) and its most coveted luxuries (singletrack in the backyard - (available in the Pinebush, click here for details)), Class III whitewater on the outskirts of town) are the little perks that can make the difference between a fine outdoor-sports town and a downright dreamy one. Here's Outside Magazine's recipe for perfection, the ingredients in no particular order:

  Seasonal farmers market

  Outdoor lap pool - Lincoln Park Pool

  Artsy movie house - The Spectrum

  Bike lanes (Mohawk-Hudson Bike Trail).

  natural-foods grocery

  Resident oddballs (CANA)

  Water running through it (The Hudson & Normanskill)

  Climbing gym

  International-magazine newsstand

  Plans to fight sprawl

  Clean air

  Outdoor music venues

  Dog parks

  Local parades

  Alternative weekly (Metroland)

  Good local public radio

  Fresh-fish vendor (The Cousins)

  Outdoor-skills clinics

  Juice bar

  Summer mountain-bike racing series

  Minor League baseball

  Big trees

. Sunshine