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Candidate Forum


Monday, May 6, 2002

7:00 P.M.


Salvatore P. Villa



Why am I running?


            I am a candidate for the Albany Public Library Trustee position.  In order to continue the sustained improvement efforts begun in the last few years, I want to focus on an increased service to neighborhoods, emphasize the library’s educational component, and chart a path for future library use.






            As a long-term city resident and public school official, I have a “track record” of commitment, energy, and results with respect to educational objectives.  A city’s library needs to be the educational and literary centerpiece.





Short and long term goals?


            My short term library goal is to assist in the (hopeful) transition to a “school district” library.


            My long term goal is to provide opportunities for Albany ’s citizens and children to use and enjoy a superlative, safe, modern library . . . and to continue working with the Director, Mr. Cannell, and the other trustees, in a professional, collegial manner to achieve our community’s collective library goals.