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Snow & Ice Removal From City Sidewalks  

This is to remind all property owners in the City of Albany that it is your responsibility (or that of designated tenants) to remove snow and ice from the sidewalks adjacent to your property within 24 hours of the cessation of a snowfall. If removal does not occur, and a complaint is received, the Department of General Services will post the property; you then have 24 hours to clean the sidewalk. If you fail to do so DGS will then perform the removal. The cost of the city removal will then be billed to the property owner. If the bill is not paid the charge is added to the tax bill and becomes a lien on the property. The minimum fine prescribed by the City Code (323-21,22) is $50.00.  

These measures are necessary to protect the public health and welfare, and to provide safe passage for the many city residents who rely on the sidewalks as pedestrians, to reach basic services, jobs and schools.


We appreciate the cooperation of the vast majority of property owners whom diligently clear their sidewalks. Our goal is to improve compliance and provide safe, convenient pedestrian passage, not to pursue code enforcement action and fines. Please help us by insuring that your sidewalks are cleared promptly after each storm.


If you would wish to report a location where the sidewalks have not been cleared, call the Department of General Services at 432-1144 or 434-CITY.



Thank you for making Albany a better place to live.


Gerald D. Jennings, Mayor                 Willard A Bruce, Commissioner