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Neighborhood Resource Center (NRC)
Community Service Awards


  1. Thomas J. Senchyna Neighborhood Service Award - Presented to a person who best exemplifies those qualities of commitment and service to the neighborhood, community and City of Albany.
  2.  NRC Certificates of Recognition are presented to:
    1. Public Official who has been particularly responsive to neighborhood issues.
    2. Organization or group who has made a special impact on our neighborhoods.
    3. Volunteer publication or Web site.

To apply, please send nominations by Tuesday, April 1, 2003 to NRC, 38 Catherine Street, Albany, NY 12202.  In the nomination, please indicate the following:

bulletThe award for which a person or organization is being nominated.
bulletThe Nominee address and phone number.
bulletWho is making the nomination, and that person's name, address and phone number.
bulletSupporting documentation indicated why person or organization should receive the award.
bulletIf the nomination is for a publication or Web site, please include a copy of the publication and sample pages from the Web site.