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CANA resolution calling for a Comprehensive Plan
At the regular meeting of the Council of Albany Neighborhood
Associations (CANA) on January 4, 2006, a resolution was duly moved,
seconded, and passed by the members in attendance:

A Resolution Requesting Action On The Development of a
Comprehensive Plan for the City of Albany, New York

Recognizing that the City of Albany does not have a written
Comprehensive Plan or Master Plan to guide development within the
community; that the implementation of a Comprehensive Plan for the City
of Albany is desirable to provide maximum feasible resident input into
guiding patterns of growth, as well as making it clear to anyone
proposing new development what community expectations and standards will
have to be met; and that CANA believes that the development of a
comprehensive plan will allow Albany residents to participate in
planning for future growth and revitalization in our community, and help
spur that revitalization activity.