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A motion was approved at the March 1, 2006 CANA meeting to recommend that the Albany Common Council not approve a resolution (03.12.06R) that was proposed and held on 2/23/06 that would designate The Planning Board as the Developing Agency. Instead  CANA asks that the Council appoint a broad-based committee to be the lead agency in developing a comprehensive plan with the intent of giving more control to the council and elected officials.  The Planning Board has no particular expertise in this area.  The Planning Board meetings are difficult to access and public comments are not accepted.  The Board is an administrative body with expertise in zoning law; the Common Council is a creative body that is diverse and representative.  When making appointments to special advisory bodies, the Council advertises, contacts community groups, gathers letters and resumes and interviews candidates.  However, the enabling legislation may contain specific requirements.  If the Council appoints, Ms. Morris would suggest planning board and BZA representatives.  CANA ís task force hopes that Common Council direct leadership will signal the importance of the effort.  Harold Rubin will advise Common Council members of CANA 's decision not to recommend approval of the draft resolution.