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David P. Brown

Why I want to be elected a trustee.  

bulletHave served as trustee for 5 years and want to see positive initiatives continue.


bulletTransition to an independent library crucial to its future. Have experience, understanding commitment  to make it happen effectively.


bulletLibrary enhances Quality of Life in Albany

Own a homer in downtown

Own a business in downtown


bulletRecognize Library importance to Albany economic development as well as lifestyle


bulletProfessional experience/expertise can make a significant contribution

…small business owner

…marketing communications/public affairs professional

…contacts with opinion-leaders, organizations, funding sources


bulletExtensive community involvement would help networking


bulletSeek to change image (library is NOT a city agency), increase visibility



bulletRegular patron of Main Branch, local history aficionado – want a good library
bulletLure daughter back to Albany with good institutions, Quality of Life




bullet5 years on board, headed key committees; know how libraries work and particular challenges of APL


bulletCEO of a professional services firm (staff of 30)  specializing in public relations/public affairs/marketing


            …Counseled hundreds of CEOs, heads of institutions, government officials


…Familiar with making a payroll, living within a budget, finances of small   operation, business-like approach to management and planning


…Work with media, business, organizations; build coalitions, public-private partnerships, networking – can do for the Library.


bulletFormer journalist/editor (executive news editor of the Times Union and editor of the Sunday Times Union)


bulletActive on numerous community boards in health and education, economic development, arts and history …. Park Playhouse, CEG, Homeless and Travelers Aid, Red Cross,


bulletLeadership (president or VP) on community and professional organizations



bulletAntiquarian book collector (many on local and NY history, literature)


bulletWrite on local history


bulletBeliever in importance of neighborhood and neighborhood-based libraries





bulletEstablish an independent library, apart from City Hall


bulletAssure a smooth transition


bulletBegin collaboration on organizing a strategic long-term plan


bulletDevelop partnerships with neighborhood associations, educational and arts groups, businesses, youth and seniors organizations (Input into strategic planning)


bulletAssess needs/wants of the community…of the neighborhoods….where to have branches, size and scope of services, attitudes and ideas about the Library


bulletEducate the public about the role of an urban library in the 21st  century, programs and services (e.g., On-line Homework Help).




bulletCreate a comprehensive, long-term strategic plan, possibly linked to long-term planning of public schools. Input from all constituencies. Include timelines, budget considerations.


bulletDevelop new funding sources – foundations, corporations, various levels of government


bulletExplore a larger, broad-based Community Advisory Board to consult on  policy and planning. Look for other vehicles for community input.


bulletMake Library branches key community centers


bulletHelp the Library become more business-like in its marketing, management and finances


bulletDevelop a strong professional staff, compensate them appropriately, provide professional training, reduce turnover


bulletContinuous improvement, particularly community outreach (e.g., cybermobile)


bulletEnhance role in Upper Hudson Library Services, positioning among the City’s insitutions