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Council of Albany Neighborhood Associations



Monthly Meeting Agenda

Wednesday,  September 3, 2008 , at 7 PM

Main Branch Albany Public Library

(Parking available at rear of library)


1)      Introduction

2)      Presentation

a)      September 3, Vacant Building Inventory

3)      Minutes

4)      Committee Reports

a)      Police Issues

b)      Codes 

c)      Cable

d)      Committee on University and Community Relations – Tom Gebhardt

5)      Communications/Announcements

a)      Financial Report as of   August 24, 2008

(1)   Current checking account balance at Citizens Bank - $2,044.66: additions –0; subtractions – $75 for June meeting minutes and $108.19 for six months Web hosting fees, postage, and printing.

6)      Reminder about CANA ListServ

i)        CANA ListServe to simplify the mailing process and store all the sent e-mails in one place. To subscribe to this mailing list, please go to this site,, and choose “subscribe,” under the heading “To Join,” or send an e-mail to 

7)      Future Meetings

a)      TBA

8)      Adjourn

Please remember that our meetings may be videotaped for broadcast on access TV.