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Council of Albany Neighborhood Associations

Meeting Minutes June 6, 2007

Albany Public Library



1) Guest Speaker:  Michael John Philliips – President Harriman Research and Technology Development Corporation

Mr. Phillips discussed the current plans for redeveloping the Albany’s W. A. Harriman State Office Campus. He said that the Harriman Research and Technology Development Corporation (a subsidiary of Empire State Development Corporation) believes that there is great potential there and that the Campus represents the last “dance floor” for public/private job creation. He also pointed out that Governor’s office is taking a fresh look at the project


The corporation sees this as a 15-20 year project that will eventually culminate in the removal of the two-ring road system. Mr. Phillips pointed out that the campus is a 1960’s office park originally designed for 15,000 – 20,000 workers (it currently holds 6,500). Currently three of the buildings are vacant.  He stated that the buildings are old, have asbestos and lead paint, and tearing them down may not be the best idea.


Phillips stated that within a 25-mile radius there are seven tech parks, so why do we need another one. He envisions it as a complement to what is going on in the area, especially at the University at Albany in nanotech science.  He believes that the campus was always considered a place for the university to grow, but the biggest problem is that access from the campus to the university is too difficult.


He emphasized again that this is a long-term project, and his short-term goal with a limited budget is to create a connector road between the campus and the university at the southwest part of Harriman, with a roundabout used as a traffic calming measure. The 15 to 20 year goal would be to create a “spline” right through the middle of all three.  He also stated that eventually the three-road ring would shift to two-roads and a bike path.  Phillips also recommended going to the Capital District Transportation Committee’s website ( and looking at the linkage study that they completed.  Mr. Phillips then took questions from CANA members.


2) Albany Police Report

Police officer Rissberger announced that tactical communications had started, and that they consisted of four, eight hour classes, and discussions with the community.


They also pointed out that there had been an outbreak of graffiti and some arrests have been made. If anyone spots graffiti please call 438-4000.


They also reminded everyone that drivers must pull to the right when an emergency vehicle is coming with their flashers and/or siren activated.






3) Committee Reports



There was disappointment with the city’s new website. The main concern was that the code information was not written in plain English, and that it didn’t discuss quality of life issues. (Sarah Reginelli, from Albany ’s Development and Planning office, said that the City is aware and trying to address it). CANA members were asked if their neighborhood association had been visited by the fire department and the consensus was that the interaction was a positive experience.


CANA members were also made aware of the Times Union’s Great Neighborhood Programs and it was recommended that they send in a recommendation for their neighborhoods (address listed below).


bulletUniversity and Community Relations

Next meeting will be held on June 13th, honoring Sgt. Fred Aliberti, Officer Kathleen Rissberger, Officer Karen Mink, Henry M. Madej (Pine Hills N.A.) and Jerry Frank (formerly of the College of St. Rose Safety/Security Department). Tom Gebhardt also discussed the City of Albany 2007 Household Spring Cleanup.





4) New Business and Announcements


There were further discussions on the City of Albany’s website and the Revitalize Albany report with Ms. Reginelli. It was also recommended that a representative from the City should regularly attend CANA meetings. Howard also suggested he would try to get the City Webmaster to speak at the next meeting in the Fall. 


5) Adjourned


Meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm.



Great Neighborhoods

P.O Box 150000

Albany, NY 12212








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Daniel Van Riper

Lincoln Park NA

Lynne Jackson

Albany Bicycle Coalition

Joyce Rambo

Center Square Assoc.

Helen Klaegsen

West End

Bill Law

Mt. Hope

Sarah Reginelli

City- Development & Planning

P.O. Kathleen Rissberger

Albany Police

Holly Katz

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Pat Maxon

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Donald Wardle

United Tenants

125 Dove St. 12202

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Albany Library


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