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CANA Zoning Committee Minutes

June 5, 2003


Attending [X]:

[X] Tom Clark                    [X] Kathleen Kearney                     [X] Clare Yates

[X] Richard Conti                [X] Stephanie Richardson, Chair      [   ] Paul Malecki

[X] Holly Katz                    [X] Harold Rubin                            


On June 5, 2003 the reconstituted CANA Zoning Committee convened its first meeting at 6:00 pm at 393 Hamilton Street .


The Committee discussed the approach to be used in notifying the City and Common Council about the reinstatement of the Committee.  After discussion, it was agreed that Tom Clark would draft letters for Committee review that would be addressed to Mayor Jennings (with cc to David Casciotti, Director of Planning) and Common Council Zoning Committee Chairman Dan Herring (with cc's to Helen DesFosses, President; Michael Brown, President Pro Tem).


Discussion of the proposed letters ensued.  Once the draft letters are approved by the Committee, they will be forwarded to Howard Stoller (CANA President) for his review and approval.  Stephanie will also discuss with Howard the Committee's reporting requirements as related to CANA.


The Committee then moved on to discuss the parameters of its operation, and to set short-term goals that would result in a proposed reform agenda that can be discussed with the City administration and Common Council.  To that end, the following framework was agreed upon:


         Based on the reform agenda categories and items listed on the 6/5/03 agenda, committee members will expand or condense reform agenda items.  Committee members were encouraged to solicit input from other interested and knowledgeable individuals as part of that effort.  The agenda items will be submitted to the Chair by July 15th.


         Based on the items submitted by Committee members, the Chair will create a "master" reform agenda, incorporating all initiatives (with elimination of item duplication).


         Once the master reform agenda is completed, a small group, made up of Committee members, will categorize each item as it relates to implementation -- by State Law, City Charter, Home Rule, or practice and/or procedure -- thereby "mapping" where and/how change may occur.


         Completion of the master plan is expected by early September 2003.  Once approved, the Committee will begin the process of working with the City administration and Common Council to identify reforms/changes that can be achieved over the short- and long-terms.


The meeting adjourned at 7:00 pm .


Respectfully submitted, Stephanie Richardson, Chair, CANA Zoning Comittee