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 Council of Albany Neighborhood Associations

Meeting Minutes April 5, 2006

Albany Public Library


1)     Introductions


2)     Minutes


Corrections:  (1) Change Daniel VanRiper’s email address to; (2) change spelling of Brian Levine’s name.  Accepted with revisions.


3.      Guest Speakers and Presentations: 


v     Jeff Cannell of the Albany Public Library presented the facilities plan and proposed 2007 budget and reviewed services provided by the library. 


 Revenue and expenditures are expected to be $5,347,000. 

It represents an increase of $158,600 over last year’s budget; $5 more per year per $100,000 for homeowners, and $1.11 per thousand or $111 per $100,000 total annual library tax levy.  The budget vote will be on May 16.  Voters additionally will elect trustees to two vacancies. 


In 2005, the Library served 805,000 visitors, circulated nearly 1 million items, added 55,000 books and other materials, held 3,700 program sessions, provided free internet access to thousands of customers.  They also added the new North Albany Branch and Bookmobile, and secured a $50,000 grant for new quarters for the Albany Local History Room.  APL is planning 3 renovation projects (Howe, Main and Pine Hills libraries); 2 library renovations ( Delaware and New Scotland); and planning one new library (Arbor Hill).  Renderings, cost, estimates and tax implications will be available by summer.  


A public access television studio is not included in the budget or facilities plan.  Should funds become available, there is space at the Main Branch.


v     Ann DiSarro, Executive Director of Senior Services of Albany presented information about the Community Connections Focus Group Project which is seeking suggestions from people 50 years of age or older about future retirement interests.  In the first phase of the project, questionnaires were mailed to 10,000 residents of Albany County residents who are over 50 years old; 900 responses were received.  Residents are invited to take part in small, moderated informational discussion groups.  These will be held at the Senior Services center of Albany , 25, Delaware on April 11, 18 and 27.  In the second phase of the project service programs will be blended into programs in a cafe-style setting.    This project is being funded with a grant $50,000 charitable ventures grant.   Those wishing to participate may contact Theresa Riley at Senior Services of Albany, 463-4381 ext 123.


v     F. Michael Tucker, President of The Harriman Research and Technology Development Corporation discussed the redevelopment and privatization of the Harriman Office Campus to a research and technology park.


The State needs to keep several agencies on the campus for a while.  However, buildings 4, 5 and 7A are vacant and available, and buildings 1 and 1A will be vacated this summer.  There are no plans for the police facilities to relocate.  Other agencies will be moved during the next ten years. 


The master plan and RFP should be ready in about 90 days.  


The master plan is for mixed use.  There will be an entry corridor to the park and open avenues between the office and university areas.  The outer ring road will be removed and a boulevard & streetscape will be created.  Residents of streets adjoining the campus do not want them opened and connected to the campus.  There is a proposal to build 69 single family homes valued at more that $300,000 each on the site as well as retail spaces with residences above them.  A privately owned hotel & conference center for use by business and university tenants is being considered.  Underground and garage parking will be developed. 


Affordable housing and mass transit components of the plan are being planned.  Grant funds were being used to work with CDTA to develop models and shorten bus routes.


Land trades for Pine Bush lots will be considered and included in the RFP.


The next step is to request proposals from developers. 


Asbestos remediation will need to be addressed in some of the buildings.  Private investors will prefer to occupy new buildings rather than undertake the remediation process.



4.      Committee Reports


v     Codes – Eileen Murray reviewed the contents of the task force’s executive summary.  The full report will be available on CANA ’s website.  The committee will be seeking CANA ’s endorsement of some or all of the recommendations.

v     Neighborhood Resource Center – Gene Solan distributed nomination forms for the 2006 Community Service awards.  Nominations are due by April 20.  The NRC annual meeting and neighborhood service awards will be held on May 16 at 2 PM at Sage College .

v     The site plan for the proposed retail developments on Holland Avenue will be presented to the Planning Board on April 6 at 9 AM in City Hall.  A lawsuit against  the developer the Albany Common Council is about to be filed by Citizens for Responsible Zoning to reverse their decision to rezone 3+ acres on Holland Avenue.


3)     Announcements and New Business


v     Stanley Axelrod:  Posters containing historic photographs of Albany ’s schools are available for $10.  They can be seen online at the Times Union’s website in the Neighborhoods section.  

v     The South End Community Expo will be held at the Schuyler Mansion on May 20 from 1 AM to 4 PM .  Admission is free.


6)     Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 8:55 PM .



                                                                                                Submitted by Deanna Colfels



April 5, 2006

Meeting Attendees





Lynne Jackson

Albany Bicycle Coalition

223 South Swan St

Daniel VanRiper

Lincoln Park NA

Harold Rubin

Center Square

156 Chestnut St

Helen Klaeysen

West End

817  Livingston Ave

John Paneto

Shaker Park

Eileen Murray


114 South Main Ave

Frank E Oliver


577 Second Street

Timothy Dunn

WA Harriman State Office Campus

Deborah Williams-Muhammad

North Albany

8 New Hope Terr

Michael Tucker


L. Ternullo

Whitehall Road

Whitehall Road

Jovan Starks

1400 Washington Ave

PO Kelly Kimbrough



Travis Collin


1400 Washington Ave

Jake Berliner


1400 Washington Ave

Andrea Pompei


1 Manning Boulevard

Brian Levine

Hudson/Park NA

92 Willett St

Susan Holland

Historic Albany

Jennifer Viggiani


29 Pinewood Ave

Gene Solan


126 South Allen St

Howard Stoller


Junior Burnett

Don Wardle


125 Dove St

Anne Brewster


75 Willett St

Julie Elson


510 W Lawrence St

Jack Consiglio


73 North Allen St

Jim Lyons


101 Melrose Ave

Aimee Allaud

85 Melrose Ave

Steve Winters