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Monthly Meeting Agenda

Wednesday,  April 3, 2002 at 7 PM

Main Branch Albany Public Library
(Parking available rear of Library)


1)      Introduction

2)      Minutes

3)      Discussion–  Tentative – Status Albany Public Library District

4)      Communications/Announcements

a)      CANA dues were due by January 31– bill went to all Neighborhood Association Presidents

i)        Thanks to those who paid to-date: 1. Lincoln Park 2. Delaware 3. Helderberg, 4. South End 5. Lark Street 6. Pine Hills 7. Upper Washington, 8. West Hill  9. Mansion, 10. SUNY/A 11. South End Concerned Citizens 12. United Tenants 13.Pastures 14. North Albany 15. Center Square 16. Second Avenue 17. W. Haywood Burns Environmental Education Center , 18. Hudson Park , 19. Historic Albany 20. New Albany , 21. Manning Blvd

b)      Thomas Senchyna Ward Nominations are in NRC office by Tuesday, April 9.

5)      Committee Reports

a)      Committee on University and Community Relations – Tom Gebhardt

b)      Community Police Council

c)      Survey

d)      Reapportionment Commission and community involvement – Marggie Skinner

e)      Lark Street Renovation

f)        Other

i)        Dominick Calsolaro – Spring Neighborhood Clean-up Resolution

ii)       Warren Redlick – Capital Region Monorail

6)      Adjourn

Please remember that our meetings may be videotaped for broadcast on access TV.