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Monthly Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, March 5, 2003 at 7 PM

Main Branch Albany Public Library
(Parking available rear of Library)


1)       Introduction

2)       Minutes

3)       Discussion

a)       David Soares – Community Prosecutor Program, Tentative.

b)       Michael Breslin – impact of State budget on County.

c)       Kate Maynard – City of Albany Web site references to neighborhoods.

4)       Communications/Announcements

a)       CANA dues are due -$25

i)         The following NA’s have paid to date:  1. South End Concerned Citizens; 2. New Scotland/Woodlawn; 3.Helderberg.          4. North Albany Shaker Park 5. Park South 6. Manning Blvd 7. Washington Park 8. Delaware Area 9. Washington Square 10. Historic Albany 11. Hudson Park 12. Pine Hills 13. Center Square 14. Lincoln Park 15. Second Avenue 16. University at Albany , Off Campus Affairs 17. West Hill 18. Upper Washington

b)       Financial Report as of February 23, 2003 .

(1)     Current checking account balance at Charter One Bank - $1,647.36: +$430.55 dues and interest; -$83.50 mailing/copying costs and January secretarial fee?

5)       Committee Reports

a)       Committee on University and Community Relations – Tom Gebhardt

b)       Community Police Council

6)       Other

a)       Update on Gun Violence Task Force

b)       Update on  BZA appointments

i)         CANA Support for a BZA nomination    

c)       Reminder about CANA ListServ

i)         CANA ListServe to simplify the mailing process and store all the sent e-mails in one place. To subscribe to this mailing list, please go to this site,, and choose “subscribe,” under the heading “To Join,” or send an e-mail to 

d)       ARISE meeting on March 14, 2003 , A Regional Forum on Future Development in the Capital District, 10:30 AM - ! 2:30 PM , the Pastoral Center , 40 N. Main , Albany .  I was invited, but cannot attend, can someone else go?

7)       Future meetings

a)       April 2 – NIMO, Helen Black, who is arranging the meeting, asks that we identify issues prior to the meeting and forward them to her, between March 4 and 19.

8)       Adjourn
Please remember that our meetings may be videotaped for broadcast on access TV.