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Council of Albany Neighborhood Associations

Meeting Minutes March 3, 2004

Albany Public Library


1)       Introductions


2)       Minutes

            The minutes of the February 4, 2004 , meeting were approved.


3)       Guest Speakers:


Carol Wallace - Annual Albany History Fair Sense of Place Awards

The Sense of Place Awards are co-sponsored by the Albany Heritage Area Visitors Center , Historic Albany Foundation and Historic Cherry Hill.  Entries will be exhibited at the 5th Annual Albany History Fair at the Albany Visitors Center during the month of May.  Awards will be presented on Sunday, May 2, 2004 , at 3:30 PM. Local organizations including neighborhood associations are encouraged to identify a significant structure, event, person or natural resource and submit it to the fair by April 16.  Several examples of Albany 's hidden treasures were presented and included


         Bleeker Park

         St. Anthony's Church at Grand and Madison

         Lombardo's Restaurant

         248 State Street

         Lower Hamilton Street trolley rail

         Upper Hamilton Street power pole for old trolleys

         Yellow Brick Road bridge

         Myers Stable on Sheridan Avenue

         Oldest African-American Congregation

         Dana National Historic Society Dana Memorial

         Anna Nardoletto who is 88 years old and worked in the home for incurables on McCarty Avenue

         Lincoln Park Pool

         1930's row houses on Manning Boulevard

         The Orchard Tavern

         All-metal homes at 355 South Main Avenue and Jermain Street

         Sears houses in the New Scotland Avenue and Whitehall Road areas

         Nipper the dog


For more information, contact Carol Wallace at 462-1550 or



            Albany Public Library Facilities Improvement Plan - Jeff Cannell

Information presented at two recent public meetings was reviewed.  Comments from participants were addressed and included


         A dramatic effect on the library's budget is not expected as a result of the improvement of facilities; some operating costs such as HVAC may go down.  Staffing increases are expected to be less than 10 percent.  More specific information about this is being refined.

         The 25-person Citizens Library Advisory Committee will provide preliminary feedback

         If the armory is used as the main branch, the library's present facility might be destroyed and replaced with a parking lot.

         There are concerns about taxation on city residents.  Four million dollars of the library's $4.5 budget comes from public levy. 

         The construction and renovation of library facilities will provide jobs to several residents.


Cori Rowe, Katie O'Malley (Tulip Queen 1998), and Christina Roberts (Tulip Queen 1997) - Albany Tulip Festival 

Participation and attendance at Albany 's public events has increased and volunteers are needed to assist.  One hundred and fifty are needed for the Tulip Festival which will be held May 8 and 9, 2004.  Nominations are sought for this year's queen.  Eighteen to 31 year old young women who are residents of Albany County are eligible.  Information about the experience and benefits of being Albany 's Tulip Queen was presented.


Ellen Shell - Volunteer Girl Scouting

Girl scouting is an accessible, affordable, rewarding experience that inspires girls to develop skills and give them information about issues, values, and programs.  There is presently a waiting list of girls in Albany who want be scouts, but there is a severe shortage of volunteer leaders and co-leaders.  Additionally, volunteers are needed with cookie sales and other services.  Male as well as female volunteers are welcome.


4)       Committee Reports


Committee on University and Community Relations - Tom Gebhardt

The next meeting will be at 7:00 PM on March 10, 2004 , at the Albany Police Department at 526 Central Avenue .  A copy of the agenda was distributed.  The "Excessive Trash/Garbage Sub-Committee" has been working on a "trash to treasure" and educational programs in the Pine Hills and Beverwyck neighborhoods.  The University Neighborhood Day Sub-Committee of the Adopt-a-Block Planning Committee is working on town-gown events to be held at the Ontario Street/Madison Avenue Park on April 24 in conjunction with Project Spring Clean 2004.


5)       Financial Report

            CANA 's financial report is included in the meeting agenda.


6)       Communications and Announcements


         Copies of the 2004 Pine Hills Business Directory were distributed.  Additional copies are available by contacting Henry Madej at 465-6161 or 

         The 2004 Neighborhood Resource Center Annual meeting and presentation of the Thomas J. Senchyuna award and certificates of recognition will be held at 6:00 PM on Tuesday, May 11, 2004 , at the Sage College Campus Center .  Nominations for the awards and certificates must be received by Friday, April 9, 2004 .

         The Albany school superintendent has been invited to speak at the May 5 CANA meeting but there has been no commitment and a lack of response from his office.  It may be necessary to follow up with the school board.

         Helen Black gave information about her involvement the situation in the Albany Police Department and a description of her contacts with APD administrators surrounding the firing of Commander Chris D'Alessandro.  She reported that individuals who have been requesting information about the firing of Commander D'Alessandro have been the victims of retaliation and intimidation in the form of phone calls and broken windows.  She reported that Department's rank and file members are depressed and experiencing extremely low morale.  Ms. Black provided the background and mission statement containing a list of demands that has been developed by a group of concerned citizens with whom she's working on this and other Department issues.



Submitted by

Deanna Colfels




March 3, 2004

Meeting Attendees





Kathleen Kearney


326 Hudson Ave

Daniel VanRiper

Lincoln Park NA

Helen Black

TB Triangle

39 Ten Broeck Place

Bill Pettit


369 1/2 State St

Richard Conti

Common Council

151 Chestnut St .

Colin McKnight


45 Elm St

Marggie Skinner


49 Ryckman Ave

Elfreida Textores

South End

70 Third Ave

Cori Rowe

City of Albany

City Hall, 4th Floor

John Cirrin

Albany Public Library

Katie O'Malley

Tulip Festival

City Hall, 4th Floor

Gene Solan

Pine Hills

126 So. Allen St

Harold Rubin

Center Square

156 Chestnut St

Matthew Montesano

Albany Police

Anne Brewster

Washington Park NA


Stephen Winters


22 Second Ave

Christina Roberts

Tulip Festival

City Hall, 4th Floor

Karen Cunniff


Mary Connair


68 Summit Ave

Bill Cleveland

West End

9 Essex Street

Howard Stoller


Tom Gebhardt

University at Albany


Dennis Mosley


550 Myrtle Ave

Patricia Maxon


34 Victor St

Josh Farrell


Orlando Ave

Catina Mavodones


59 Melrose Ave

Betsy Shearer


58B Morris St

Cynthia Galivan


127 Manning Blvd

Julie Elson

New Scotland/Woodlawn

510 West Lawrence St

Henry M. Madej


49 Ryckman Ave

Tom Nitido

City of Albany

Eagle St

Ethel LaPier

Albany Public Library

517 Western Ave

Fred Perkins


11 Woodlawn Ave

Jeff Cannell

Albany Public Library

161 Washington Ave

Mary Ellen O'Connor

Albany Public Library

161 Washington Ave

Andrew Harvey


271 Myrtle Ave

Rev. Joyce Hartwell

No. Albany Arts & Business

453 No. Pearl St .

Joyce Rambo

Center Square

189 Lancaster St .

Jim Lyons


101 Melrose Ave

Claire Yates

Center Square

138 Chestnut St .

Carol Wallace


66 Elm St .