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Council of Albany Neighborhood Associations

Meeting February 1, 2006

Albany Public Library


  1. Introductions


  1. Guest Speaker:  Mayor Jerry Jennings


Educating Albany ís children is the Mayorís biggest priority.  They are the 24/7 responsibility of the community. Albany has too many charter schools.  Urban education needs to be redesigned to meet the needs of students and keep them out of trouble.  Several programs have been developed to keep them engaged.  More are being considered


Mayor Jennings will be attending a strategy meeting with the mayors of other upstate cities to identify common challenges and develop a legislative agenda.


The construction of a convention center in Albany will create jobs and opportunities for residents.  Several developers are interested in the region because of its many assets such as water and infrastructure.  A plan will be developed that will save many old buildings from demolition..


Albany ís landfill is a vital source of revenue, generating about $13 million annually.  However, there are only 4 years of capacity left at the site.  During Mayor Whelanís tenure, a State selection process determined that of three sites being considered for expansion, a Coeymans location was determined to be the only viable site for a regional facility.  Despite opposition and litigation, Albany will more forward with plans to develop that site.


Additionally Albany will seek approval to expand the Rapp Road waste facility to 10 acres of an adjacent, partially abandoned mobile home park.  Impact upon the Pine Bush preserve is a concern.  Albany will work with DEC to implement mitigation measures to offset any impact on the preserve.


If landfill expansion plans do not move forward, the city will (1) lose $13 million in annual revenue, (2) lose the ability to put Albany ís trash in the landfill, (3) Albany and 12 other communities will have to pay commercial haulers to remove.   This would result in substantial real property tax increases in Albany .


The redevelopment of the Harriman Office Campus will incorporate the complex into the adjoining neighborhoods.  Ring roads will be removed.  Citizens are encouraged to offer their ideas and attend meetings held on this subject.


The mayor is not in favor of spot zoning, but is in favor of the development of businesses that are beneficial to Albany .


The development of a new contract for cable television which will include a public access channel and internet access is being handled by the Corporation Counselís office.   A report from the Cable Television Committee has not yet been issued.  A new chairman has not been named. 


Calls requesting street resurfacing are logged and improvements are prioritized.  Information about requests will be put on the Cityís website.  A recommendation is being made to the legislature that proposes reimbursement to cities for improvements to state roadways within city boundaries.  


A comprehensive plan for the city is being developed that will focus on economic development.   Citizens will be asked for input.


First Night attendance is down.  The purpose of the event is to accommodate Albany ís citizens.  Within a week a survey will be sent to neighborhood associations asking for suggestions to improve the event or create a new product.


In response to questions and comments:


National Grid is doing a comprehensive survey of the street lights in Albany to determine who is responsible for ownership.


Redevelopment Plans include affordable housing.  It will be offered to residents displaced by development.


A grant to improve the Port of Albany will create jobs for Albany residents.


A committee is reviewing possible sites for the proposed convention center and hotel.  500-600 jobs are expected to be developed as a result of construction of the facility.


Albany needs a new bus station.


Albany must be proactive rather than reactive relating to the development of charter schools. The mayor has asked the legislature for a moratorium on the opening of additional charter schools.  As a result of the 9 approved facilities, the building plan for Albany public schools is outdated.      


All calls to the Department of General Services are recorded on a database but the caller may not know the outcome of their requests.  It may be possible to receive complaints online when the Cityís new website is complete.


The directory on the cityís website is inaccurate because in the old contract changes were costly.  Within about 90 days a new city website will be available.



  1. Minutes

Minutes of the January 4, 2006 CANA meeting were accepted with a correction to read Senior Services Center , and correcting the spelling of the names of Terry Weinman, Hilary Tommaney and Jack Consiglio.


  1. Dues

Members were reminded to pay annual dues.


  1. CANA 30th Anniversary Celebration

The October 4 date was approved.  Committee members suggested it be held at the American Legion hall or First Lutheran Church Hall.  Sites to be investigated include The Albany Institute of History and Art, University Club, Jillianís.  The CANA chairman will select a speaker.  Volunteers are needed for the committee.  Contact John Paneto at 457-8540 or Tom Gebhardt at 442-3130.


  1. Committees

        Zoning:  No Report

        Codes:  Continuing to meet.  A draft summary of recommendations had been developed. 

        Cable:  Has not met.  The Mayor has yet to appoint a new chairman to the Cityís committee.  Council members Sullivan and Colsalaro have expressed interest.  

        Budget:  Has not met

        University and Community Relations:  Next meeting to be held February 8, 2006 .  The mid-town neighborhood watch patrol walks are going well.  Additional volunteers are needed.


  1. New Business and Announcements
  2. bulletThe CANA chairman has asked to participate on the Cityís brown field citing task force.
    bulletThe CANA chairman will contact the Times Union about the lack of neighborhood coverage and will invite the editors to a CANA meeting.
    bulletOn January 19 the Neighborhood Works Committee held the first of three meetings to develop recommendations for the Cityís comprehensive plan.  They will met again on February 2 and expect to report to CANA in April.  Comments may be forwarded to Gene Solan. 
    bulletThe Albany Common Council has reconstituted the human rights commission and is soliciting appointments.
    bulletThe Albany Public Library will present its comprehensive facilities plan on February 22 at 6 PM at the main branch.


  1. Adjourn

        The meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM .






Meeting Attendees

February 1, 2006





Holly Katz


harriskatz@ (illegible)

Colin McKnight


Betsy Shearer


Daniel VanRiper

Lincoln Park NA

223 South Swan Street

John Cirrin

Albany Public Library

Richard Conti

Common Council 6th Ward

151 Chestnut St

PO Kathi Rissberger

Albany Police Department

536 Western Ave

Gene Solan

Pine Hills

126 So. Allen St

Harold Rubin

Center Square

156 Chestnut St

Tom Gebhardt

University at Albany


Howard Stoller


Donald Wardle

United Tenants

125 Dove St

Mimi Mounteer

Manning Boulevard

75 Manning Blvd

Andrew Harvey


Craig Waltz

Helderberg NA

19 Wood Terrace

Lynne Jackson

Lincoln Park

223 S Swan

Dianne Hansen

Manning Boulevard NA

75 Manning Boulevard

Jim Lyons

Melrose NA

101 Melrose Ave

John Paneto

Shaker Park


Eileen Murray


114 So Main Ave

Archie Goodbee


154 Madison Ave

Peter Rinne

Park South

47 Morris St

Bill Bruce

City of Albany


Julie Elson

New Scotland Woodlawn NA

510 W Lawrence St

Mary Connair


68 Summit Ave

Bill Cleveland

West End NA

9 Essex Street

Mike Snyder

Center Square

162 Chestnut St

Kelly Bush

Center Square

86 Chestnut St

Lisa Ternullo


Whitehall Road

Rose Dyson


Toronto Canada (518-272-6942 Troy )

Mary Lou Nolan Gillham

Helderberg NA


Jennifer Viggiani

Helderberg NA

29 Pinewood Ave

Fred Perkins

New Scotland/Woodlawn NA

17 Woodlawn Ave

Karen Cunniff

Upper Washington Ave NA

Raymond Blanchard


3 Essex Circle

Hilary Tommaney

Historic Pastures

50 Westerlo St

Jack Consiglio

New Albany NA

Pat Maxon

Upper Washington Ave

Worth Gretter

Mansion NA

Aimee Allaud

Melrose NA

Joe Cunniff


Roger Markovics

United Tenants

Jeff Cannell

Albany Public Library

64 Spring St

Deborah Williams-Muhammad


8 New Hope Terrace

Newell Eaton


205 Lancaster St

Sandy LeVan


128 Morton Ave

Chris Leo


178 Jay St

Rebecca Brownell

Albany DDP

Megan Daly

Albany DDP

Joe Cavazos


122 Daytona Ave

Joe Rabito

D & P

Don Reeb



Terry Weinman


135 Melrose Ave

Shawn Morris

Common Council President

Michael Franchini


135 Melrose Ave

Susan Holland

Historic Albany Foundation

Daniel Coleman

Albany Fire Dept

26 Broad St

Virginia Hammer

Pine Hills NA

52 South Allen St

John Hammer

Pine Hills NA

52 South Allen St

Jim Tuffey

Albany Police


Stephen Winters


227 Second Ave