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Council of Albany Neighborhood Associations

Meeting Minutes December 5, 2007

Albany Public Library


I. Introduction

 President Howard Stoller made brief remarks and everyone introduced themselves.


Peter Lesser, Executive Director of the Empire State Plaza Performing Arts Center (“The Egg”) discussed events for 2008.  Included are two free shows on January 9th at 12pm and 5:30pm as a part of the Gershwin Living Legacy Project.


Tom Gebhardt discussed recent and upcoming initiatives for the Committee on University and Community Relations.


II. Presentations

Jane Schramm, Executive Director of Senior Services of Albany, discussed programs that currently exist at the Senior Services Center .


The SSA is open everyday except when Equinox helps out and it is in some cases the only socialization that some elderly people in Albany receive.  They have 80 employees and over 700 volunteers, and are the main providers for Meals on Wheels in Albany County (averaging 15,000 meals a day).


SSA also runs a transportation program in Albany , a caregiver training program and work with the City of Albany on a prescription drug program.


Ms. Schramm encouraged all CANA members to attend the senior orchestra which performs every Tuesday, and promised to get us a calendar of events.


III. Minutes


Minutes approved with changes.


IV. Presentations Pt. II

Jason Allen and John Paneto discussed the Albany Citizens Police Review Board.  They emphasized that the Board is not an indictment on the police, but a place for citizens that have negative experiences with the police to register complaints. Jason then gave a detailed overview of the CPRB which included a handout and overhead display.


Questions and Answers followed.


Joe Cunniff discussed stormwater runoff into the Hudson River and what is being done to control it. He explained that there are over 100 combined sewer overflow points in Albany and Rensselear Counties .  He encouraged everyone to attend the hearing at DEC which was held on December 17 at 7:00pm .  He also emphasized that this will be an expensive process which will require a long term control plan.


Question and Answers followed with a discussion of Albany ’s sewer problems.


V.  Police Issues


Officer Montesano reminded everyone not to leave their cars running unattended and not to leave anything of value visible in the car.  He also discouraged anyone from buying GPS units from someone on the street, and if they are offered one report them to the police.

VI. Other Issues.


Howard discussed the idea of creating a “YouTube View of Albany ”, which could consist of promotional videos of each neighborhood.  Someone suggested contacting the University at Albany or NYPIRG and Sarah Reginelli recommended the Albany School of Broadcasting.


Gene Solan discussed the Neighborhood Work 8 Conference that was just held.  He detailed that over 75 people attended and that it was focused on how we can keep families in the city of Albany , the needs of seniors, families with kids and youth.


Sarah Reginelli explained that the Comprehensive Planning Board has a low minority representation and if there is anyone interested in joining please have them contact the clerk of the Common Council.


VII. Adjourned


Meeting adjourned at 8:58pm .





December 5, 2007 Meeting Attendees






Joe Cunniff


Daniel Van Riper

Lincoln Park NA

223 S. Swan St .

Catina Mavodores

Melrose NA

Joyce Rambo

Center Square Assoc.

189 Lancaster St . 

Jim Lyons

Melrose NA

Noriko Chaumont


Robert Chaumont


John Paneto

Shaker Park

Eileen Murray



Julie Elson


Jason Allen


Clifton M Dixon


Kelly Bush

Center Square Assoc.

Pat Maxon

Upper Washington Ave NA

Matthew Montesano

Albany PD

Glenn Lewis


Sarah Reginelli

City Planning Dept.

Brian Levine

Hudson Park NA

92 Willett Street

Tom Gebhardt


Howard Stoller


Gene Solan

Pine Hills NA

Holly Katz

Mansion NA

Jack Moodie

Ten Broeck Triangle

Brad Glass

City Planning Dept.

Mimi Mounteer

Manning Blvd. NA

75 Manning Blvd

Worth Gretter

Mansion NA

3 Elm Street