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Monthly Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, December  4, 2002 at 7 PM

Main Branch Albany Public Library
(Parking available rear of Library)


1)      Introduction

2)      Minutes

3)      Discussion

            Brief report on the "Monumental Visions and Urban Transformations in Albany 1948-1978" Conference by Ray Bromley

4)      Communications/Announcements

a)      Would like to have a rotating basis, one NA a month, do a five minute report on what’s new and interesting is going on in their neighborhood.

i)        If we have agreement, can I get a volunteer for tonight, and then for the months of January-June.

b)      To provide overview of CANA Web site – I handed out table of contents.       

c)      Financial Report as of November 24, 2002 .

(1)   Current checking account balance at Charter One Bank - $1,388.54: +$20.60, added back long outstanding check, and interest; -$79.30 stamps for November mailing, Oct. secretarial fee, and printing of comments on budget presented to Common Council.  

5)      Committee Reports

a)      Committee on University and Community Relations – Tom Gebhardt

b)      Report on Neighborhood Works Conference, Saturday, November 23, 9-3.

c)      Community Police Council

d)      Sematech impact on neighborhoods - Anne Savage agreed to take lead for contacting Austin Neighborhood Associations to find out about impact and lessons learned.

6)      Other

   a)      Leonard Morgenbesser on Gun Violence

        1. For text of Dr. Morgenbesser's comments click on the following documents:

            i. An Epidemic of Gun Incidents Including Gun Violence

           ii. Recent Gun-Related Incidents in the City of  Albany, New York