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Monthly Meeting Agenda
Wednesday, November 6, 2002 at 7 PM
Main Branch Albany Public Library
(Parking available rear of Library)
1)	Introduction
2)	Minutes
3)	Discussion 
a)	City Budget, Common Council point of view, Jim Sano, Tom Nitido
b)	Mike Breslin - Albany County Budget, see web site for more details:
4)	Communications/Announcements
a)	Financial Report as of September 23, 2002.
(1)	Current checking account balance at Charter One Bank - $1,447.24: +$60.60 interest; -$66.65 stamps for October mailing & secretarial fee. 
5)	Committee Reports
a)	Committee on University and Community Relations - Tom Gebhardt
b)	Neighborhood Works Conference, Saturday, November 23, 9-3, at First Lutheran Church, 646 State St.
c)	Community Police Council
d)	Reapportionment Commission and community involvement - Marggie Skinner
6)	Other
a)	Sematech impact on neighborhoods
7)	Adjourn
Please remember that our meetings may be videotaped for broadcast on access TV.