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Monthly Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, November 5, 2003 at 7 PM



1)       Introduction

2)       Minutes

3)       Meeting/Discussion - CESTM

a)       Michael Fancher and Lamar Hill will do the tour at 6PM  The meeting is a 7 PM. Mr. Hill will present on nanosciences, SEMATECH, and what's going on at the corner of Fuller and Washington and how that will impact the city.          

i)         We will be meeting for the tour at 6 and the meeting at 7 at NanoFab
300South. That is the first building that you'll at the stop sign at the
end of tricentenial drive. Take Washington Avenue Extension to
Fuller Road and make a left onto Fuller Road . At the first light, take a right onto Tricentennial Drive . At the end of the road, take another right into CESTM, parking lot on the right.

4)       Communications/Announcements

a)       Financial Report as of   October 19, 2003 .

(1)     Current checking account balance at Charter One Bank - $4,212.75:  -Secretarial Fee, $50.

5)       Committee Reports

a)       Neighborhood Works Conference – November 22, 2003

b)       Cable Committee

c)       Committee on University and Community Relations – Tom Gebhardt

6)       Other

a)       Nominating Committee

b)       Changes to By-laws.  Changes distributed under separate cover.

c)       Reminder about CANA ListServ

i)         CANA ListServe to simplify the mailing process and store all the sent e-mails in one place. To subscribe to this mailing list, please go to this site,, and choose “subscribe,” under the heading “To Join,” or send an e-mail to 

7)       Future Meetings         

a)       December meeting –? Will invite Robert Wolfgang.

8)       Adjourn
Please remember that our meetings may be videotaped for broadcast on access TV.