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Council of Albany Neighborhood Associations

Meeting Minutes October 3, 2007

Albany Public Library



I. Introduction

 President Howard Stoller made brief remarks and everyone introduced themselves.



II. Tom Nitido, Albany City Comptroller


City Comptroller Tom Nitido discussed the just introduced 2008 Albany City Budget.  He emphasized that it was the Mayor’s budget and not his.  He pointed out that Albany cannot afford the government that we currently have, but we can afford the services with some tough choices.


There is $8 million less revenues to expenses in this budget and it is not “sustainable or tolerable.” The City raised $2 million more from property taxes but also landfill revenues were down $2 million.  He pointed out Albany ’s continual dependence on drawing money from the Reserve Fund.  He stated that the Mayor must put energy into cutting expenses due to the fact that the tax rate is relatively high and the property tax burden is “real.”


He then took questions from CANA members.



III. Emily Collins, Habit for Humanity, ReSTORE manager


Emily Collins discussed Habitat for Humanity’s ReSTORE program, which takes donations from stores and gently used items from people, and sells them to the public to benefit their housing projects.  The store is located at 696 Delaware Avenue and open on Fridays and Saturdays. The store will soon be moving to a larger space on North Pearl Street.


She then discussed the project that Habitat for Humanity is currently working on in the South End at Third and Elizabeth.  The discussion moved to restoring current homes, but she pointed out that restoring is a more expensive process (they will look into it though).



III. Minutes Approved


IV. Police Issues


Officers Janet Parker and Willie Flack discussed a robbery in the Center Square area and a graffiti incident.  They also talked about the shifting of police officers due to the recent retirement of other officers. On that note; they wanted everyone to know that the Albany Police Department exam was coming up in November.  There was also discussion about the Community Service program.



V.  Committee on University and Community Relations


Tom Gebhardt discussed safety and security initiatives that were being implemented and a letter to the editor that was co-written by Chief Tuffey and himself that was printed in the Albany Student Press.  The next meeting was to be held on October 12th.


VI. November Meeting


Howard asked for ideas for the November 6th meeting.


VII. Adjourned


Meeting adjourned at 8:48 pm.




October 3, 2007 Meeting Attendees






Joe Cunniff


Daniel Van Riper

Lincoln Park NA

223 S. Swan St.

Lynne Jackson

Albany Bicycle Coalition

223 S. Swan St. 12202

Helen Klaysen

West End

Bill Law

Mt. Hope Townhouse

Pat Maxson

Upper Washington Ave NA

Mary Connair


Peter Rinne

Park South

47 Morris St.

Karen Strong

Center Square NA

Roger Markovics

Unite Tenants

Alexandra Juhre


Emily Collins

Habitat for Humanity

Judy Martin


131 Jay St.

Jim Truscott


131 Jay St.

John Cirrin

Albany Library


Janet Parker

Albany P.D.

Richard Conti

Albany Common Council

Wilie Flack III

Albany P.D.

Kelly Bush

Center Square Assoc

Rev. Joyce Hartwell

West Hill NA

Harold Rubin

Center Sq. Assoc.

Holly Katz

Mansion NA

Julie Elson


Tom Gebhardt


Howard Stoller


Gene Solan

Pine Hills NA

Virginia Hammer

Pine Hills NA

Mimi Mounteer

West End NA


Andrew Harvey

Park South

Jack Moodie

Ten Broeck Triangle

Brad Glass

City Planning Dept.