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1) Introduction: Mary Connair asked that Neighborhood Associations send

any brochures or information to Community Realty, which is a non-profit assisting first-time homebuyers.

2) Minutes: Minutes of the December meeting were adopted.

3) Committee Reports

a) Zoning: Harold Rubin reported on behalf of the Chair, David Phaff.

Two meetings have been held and they have prepared a 2-page list of recommendations to improve the operation of the Board of Zoning Appeals, dealing with communications and procedures. Before submitting the recommendations, the committee wants to learn more about BZA¹s procedures and expects to meet with Lori Harris, Commissioner of Development and Planning. The next meeting is 1/24/05 at 6:30 pm at the Library Pine Hills branch

b) Codes: Eileen Murray reported. The Chair is Joyce Rambo. A meeting

was held 12/15/04. They will plan a meeting with Valerie Scott later. Will try to focus on areas needing improvement. The next meeting will be 1/11/05, Library Main Branch, second floor, 7-9 PM.

c) Cable: Aimee Allaud reported that nothing is happening. Hope to have

a meeting soon.

d) Budget: Pat Maxon: Howie testified before the Common Council last

month, which was covered by the media. His testimony will be put on the web site. Health insurance and pensions are major issues. Howie suggested an intern and asked for members for the committee.

e) Committee on University and Community Relations: Tom Gebhardt: next

meeting is 2/9; their current advertising campaign topics are Theft From Your Car?, Smoke Detectors are Required in Each Room Used for Sleeping Purposes!!, and Albany City Snow Emergency? Call 476-SNOW

4) Other

a) Elections: Nominating Commttee proposed and those present accepted

the following:

Chair Howard Stoller, Melrose NA

Vice Chair Holly Katz, Mansion NA

Treasurer Stephen Winters, Second Ave. NA

At Large Mary Connair, Delaware Area NA

Andrew Harvey, Park South NA

Patricia Maxon, Upper Washington Ave. NA

Fred Perkins, New Scotland/Woodlawn NA

Marggie Skinner, Pine Hills, NA

Past Chair Harold Rubin, Center Square Assoc

b) CANA dues are due.

c) CANA list serve ­ if you are signed up but not getting CANA

announcements, check your spam filter to make sure it is not blocking the messages. You can also go to the CANA site.

5) Meeting/Discussion

a) Friends of the Madison: Lorenz Worden, Pine Hills NA: In May 2004, CVS presented a preliminary and smaller proposal to Pine Hills NA, which later turned into a larger plan removing the Madison Theatre, stores and South Main residence. PHNA had an engineer do an inside and outside inspection of the Theatre except the roof and the flooded basement. Engineer¹s report was that the building is sound, the roof leak is not serious, flooding condition in basement. Also had a preservation architect look at the Art Deco details ­ stage is gone, ceiling remains underneath the drop ceiling; formal report has not yet been received. PHNA conducted 2 surveys of the neighborhood in August and November and held a well-attended public meeting on 12/13/04 at St. Vincent¹s Parish Center. PHNA¹s position statement, adopted 12/04, was distributed. In brief, PHNA believes the CVS proposal would have a negative impact on the neighborhood, demolition of the Theatre should not be permitted unless reuse is not viable, every effort should be made to retain the streetscape and questions the safety of and need for a drive-through. The Theatre is 2 distinct buildings ­ originally 4 commercial units and lobby, with the auditorium in a separate structure. Architect was Thomas Lamb, who also designed Proctors in Schenectady; archive of his work at Columbia University, also check

Ann Savage, on behalf of the Friends of the Madison Theatre: FOMT was formed 11/04 with 4 objectives ­ ensure that the building does not suffer demolition by neglect, oppose the CVS proposal, find a reuse for the building, fight "big box" proposals. CVS doesn¹t own the Theatre; there have been offers, including other parties, but none accepted. There is potential for shared parking with St. Rose, in partnership with a private developer. FOMT wants to reach out to other Neighborhood Associations and will speak at meetings. To join FOMT, email:

The Madison CVS is the highest grossing per square foot in the chain. Drug sales are down because of other venues (Walmart, mail order) so the companies are increasing sales of other products. A suggestion was made that CVS should consider a multi-level building, as is done in other cities. CVS¹ application for a building permit was denied because it did not meet the C1 requirements; 30 day appeal period has expired so they have to reapply. The 4 retail spaces are empty; 2 businesses couldn¹t deal with poor management and couldn¹t get leases signed.

b) Howie asked Albany Housing Authority for another grant. Steve Longo replied that it has to go before their board.

c) CANA Vision Statement: discussion, suggestions and revisions resulted in the statement below being adopted, subject to revisions as needed.

CANA's Statement of Goals: The underlying principle in our stated goals is

this: "What is good for the residents of Albany's neighborhoods, is good for the vitality, well being and growth of the entire community." The standard of life in any community is only as good as the quality of living in all its neighborhoods. Our principle resource- people- should be afforded the proper environment and the opportunities to grow and improve their quality of life.

On January 5, 2005, the Council of Albany Neighborhood Associations adopted a statement of vision for the City of Albany with the following goals: I. Albany must be supported in its development as an urban center with a focus on maintaining the highest possible quality of life: … Walking, cycling and other forms of transportation that are clean and healthful alternatives to the automobile must be encouraged and promoted, through the development of safe, affordable and attractive facilities; … All neighborhoods should be developed to include a range of housing opportunities and essential and complimentary business enterprises to promote their safety, diversity and vitality. Residents must feel safe in their homes and on the streets; … Downtown development must include residential opportunities, as well; … Infill development opportunities must be promoted/pursued to maximize taxable value, eliminate blight, and encourage vital neighborhoods of appropriate density to support necessary neighborhood services; … Housing, educational, and cultural opportunities must be offered within Albany that are fully competitive with those offered in other communities, so that the City is considered a desirable place to live; … The urban character and vitality of Albany must be publicly promoted and


… Neighborhoods are the core strength of the City, and neighborhood associations are vital to the health and well-being of each neighborhood. Neighborhood associations must be recognized as partners in future development within their jurisdictions, both for guidance, vision, and support;

II. Albany must be treated as a capital city:

… Development proposals for locations in the City must be designed to reflect the significance of a location in the capital of the State of New York;

… The publicly-owned facilities of the City must be maintained and improved to reflect the grandeur incumbent upon a capital city; … The historic significance and importance of Albany as the capital of the Empire State must be publicly promoted and celebrated.

III. Albany must celebrate the diversity within:

… The diverse backgrounds and heritage of Albany¹s people need to be recognized as a source of strength. All members of the Albany family are to be respected and nurtured to their fullest potential, and provided the fullest opportunity to participate in the civic realm through unfettered access to and understanding of, the governmental decision-making process. Albany must protect and defend democracy. All citizens should have the opportunity to be heard and to participate in City government and in their neighborhoods;

… The full resources of Albany's educational, cultural and financial institutions must be brought to bear to ensure full and equal opportunity for all residents of the community; … The diversity of Albany must be publicly promoted and celebrated, including the diversity of its people, its architecture, and its institutions;

IV. Albany must become a City of the future while respecting its significant


… Albany must pay attention to the needs and wants of the current and the next generation to ensure that it remains an attractive and viable place to live, including offering relevant career opportunities, quality health care, enjoyable and healthful recreational opportunities, and quality educational services;

… The significant natural beauty of the region, such as the Hudson River, the Pine Bush and the Helderbergs, must be preserved at the same time as it is utilized to attract new residents; … New methods of underwriting the cost of municipal finance must be explored to avoid overburdening homeowners with the operation of City government. Fiscal restraint is essential to avoid economic dislocation of the poorer residents of the community who contribute to its diverse richness.


6) Communications/Announcements: There was a suggestion that the Executive Committee discuss how to involve the minority community in CANA. CANA meetings should be listed in the TU¹s community events. Neighborhood Associations should tell their membership that all are invited to CANA meetings, not just the leaders of the associations.

Meeting Attendees January 5, 2005


Lorenz Worden Pine Hills, FOTM 127 S. Pine

Mary Connair DANA 68 Summitt Ave/. 12209

Holly Katz Mansion

Colin McKnight Mansion

Susan Holland Beverwyck

M. Monesano Albany Police

Tom Gebhardt Univ. at Albany

Harold Rubin Center Square 156 Chestnut St.

Eileen Murray Code Committee 114 S. Main Ave. 12208

Anne Savage Plymouth NA 101 Lenox Ave., 12203

Roger Markovics Mansion, United Tenants 38 Myrtle Ave., 12202

Daniel W. VanRiper Lincoln Park NA, 223 S. Swan, 12202

Pat Maxon UWANA 34 Victor St.

Aimee Allaud Melrose 85 Melrose Ave.

Jack Consiglio New Albany 73 N. Allen,

Andrew Harvey Park South 271 Myrtle,

Gene Solan Pine Hills 126 So. Allen St

Joseph Cunnif UWANA

Don Dugan Helderberg 56 Lawnridge Ave.

Paula Breen Albany Police

Valerie Scott Bldg. & Codes

Tom McPheeters Mansion 5 Wilbur St.,

John Cirrin Library

Leo S. Levy Helderberg & PASS 29 Lawnridge Ave., 12208

Leonard Morgenbesser Buckingham Pond, Crestwood 219 Tampa,

Martin Gawoshi West Hill 33 Elm St.

Ronald Bailey West Hill 268 Sheridan Ave

Dennis Mosley PHNA 550 Myrtle Ave.

Howard Stoller CANA 130 Melrose Ave.,

Joyce Rambo Center Square 189 Lancaster