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1-2-08 Minutes

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Council of Albany Neighborhood Associations

Meeting Minutes January 2, 2008

Albany Public Library


I. Introduction

 President Howard Stoller made brief remarks and everyone was introduced.



II. Presentations

Jim Greene from the American Red Cross of Northeastern New York discussed their emergency preparedness program entitled: “Get Ready – Be Safe.”


First he described some of the services provided by the Red Cross such as:

Shelter, food, clothing during disasters;
First aid / CPR;
Blood services;
HIV / AIDS info;
Babysitting classes
Water safety;
Assistance to Armed Forces members;
Telephone assurance; and
Pet first aid / CPR.


He then discussed how to create a personal disaster plan, and assemble an emergency preparedness kit and what to include in your car and home in case of emergency.


Greene then took questions from CANA members.


Albany Common Council member Mike O’Brien discussed legislation that he recently introduced that would rectify the current lack of written procedural rules for the city’ s planning board and zoning board.  The proposed legislation would allow more time for public and applicants to rebut statements made at hearings, and would allow meetings to be rescheduled if more time is needed.


O’Brien also stated that both boards members required training from the Department of State, but questioned if they had received it.  He also decried the fact that permanent staffers and not board member were making all decisions.


Council President Shawn Morris offered her input and a general discussion developed on the subject.  CANA members expressed their disappointment with the current lack of transparency.  Morris suggested that when a hearing on the bill is held the publics input would be vital.


O’Brien pointed out that he will not call for a hearing on the bill until CANA members have had a chance to look at the legislation. 


A committee headed by Joe Cunniff and Dan Van Riper will make recommendations on what should be added to the bill.  The discussion was tabled.


DGS Commissioner Bill Bruce’s retirement in March was discussed as was a proper way to honor him for his years of service.  CANA members questioned if they should offer their input on who will replace Bruce, but it was finally decided that it would be inappropriate to do so, and it was decided that honoring Bruce and reaching out to the new commissioner would be the proper result.  Paul Fowler was put in charge of this.


III. Minutes


The minutes for the December meeting could not be approved as they were not received yet.


IV.  Committees


Police Issues -- Officer Matt Montesano discussed that there will be a new community services officer, and distributed  a crime prevention brochures.


Codes – Members of the Code Committee met with the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Chief Tuffey to discuss a central database for all code related issues and creating a citizen-friendly guide to codes.


Howard discussed that Joe Cunniff is now in charge of the newly created Sewer Committee, and Joe relayed his plan to meet with the Capital District Planning Commission.


V. Adjourn


The meeting adjourned at 8:51.




January 2, 2008 Meeting Attendees






Shirley Brand


13 Danker Ave

Joe Cunniff


Karen Cunniff



Daniel Van Riper

Lincoln Park NA

223 S. Swan St.

Lynne Jackson

Albany Bicycle Coalition

Joyce Rambo

Center Square Assoc.

189 Lancaster St. 

John Paneto

Shaker Park

Deborah Phoff



Pat Maxon

Upper Washington Ave NA

Shawn Morris

Common Council

Mike O’Brien

12th Ward City Council

Tom Gebhardt


Howard Stoller


Gene Solan

Pine Hills NA

Holly Katz

Mansion NA

John Cirrin

Albany Library


Paul Fowler

Center Square

209 Lancaster

Mimi Mounteer

Manning Blvd. NA

75 Manning Blvd

Don Wardle

Hudson/Park NA

125 Dove Street

Colin McKnight


45 Elm Street.

Helen Klaeysen

West End N.A.